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Join our community to unlock your largest asset and host paid guests in your furnished apartment and hotel room, by renting your vehicle, selling reservations for your events and tourist towers.

How does it work?

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  How will I receive my payment?

The reception of your payments* will be done by one of the means of payment that you chose at the time of your registration.

You have the possibility at any time to change this payment method among those proposed on your user space or provider space.

The most used payment methods are the following ones:

    • Stripe
    • MobileMoney
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer

* These are only payments that we have received on our platform through one of our financial partners (credit card (Stripe), payPal, MobileMoney etc.)

  How do I upload products?

The form of edition of the advertisement offers an area for downloading images; on the area in question, you must click on "Upload image", then on the button "Download", in order to choose the image that you want to use on your device (computer, tablet etc.).

In order to guarantee the acceptance of your images, you must opt for a high definition quality and respect the recommended dimensions on the image download area.

  How do I update or extend my availabilities?

The management of the availabilities for the Hotels and the Furnished Spaces is done as follows:
From your Provider space,

  1. Go to the "Hotel" or "Furnished Space" section
  2. Choose "All Hotels" or "All Furnished Spaces"
  3. Scroll down the "Action" menu, then click on "Manage the availability of rooms" or "Manage the availability of furnished spaces"
  4. Select from the list the ad to modify and a monthly calendar will appear
  5. Click on the day of the month and check the box "Available for booking" if the service is available
  6. Refine if necessary (in group action) the period of availability and the prices according to the dates
  7. Save by clicking on "Save changes"

  How do I increase conversion rate?

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